Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Minutes  

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Minutes from 2019 will be approved at the 2020 Annual Meeting.  There was no meeting in 2008 due to a change in By-Laws.

Annual Meeting Procedures  The meeting will follow an agenda which you will receive as you sign-in at the meeting. It will outline the topics of business to be discussed.
If a member plans to introduce new business, he/she is requested to submit the topic along with a brief summary to the board in writing at least one week prior to the meeting. This will allow time to be included in the final agenda.  The meeting agenda topics and procedures have time allotments in order to allow the meeting to stay within its time parameter.

Recognition by the chair: To be recognized by the chair to speak, raise your hand after the current speaker is finished. Upon being recognized, stand up, clearly state your full name so the secretary may accurately record it for the minutes and then state your opinion and/or ask your question. Members recognized by the chair will be given three minutes to state their opinion and/or question.

Making a Motion: A motion is the starting point of a group discussion.  A member first raises his/her hand and is recognized by the chair.
The member stands and clearly states his/her first and last name and then concisely states his/her motion in two minutes or less.  The chair will then repeat the motion made and ask for a member to second  the motion. (The member who seconds should follow the same recognition procedure).  Once the motion has been made and seconded, the members may discuss the motion if desired.

Discussion: To protect the rights of both individual members and the group as a whole, the chairman must recognize a member before he/she speaks. All members who wish to speak will be recognized. A member may only speak twice on the same subject. Once recognized, a member may only hold the floor for three minutes. At the end of three minutes, the member should immediately conclude his/her remarks. A member cannot speak the second time until everyone else who wishes to speak has done so. If a consensus does not seem feasible due to time restraints or opinion diversity, a balanced committee will be formed and asked to report its recommendation to the Board at a time to be determined by the chair.  Decorum during discussions includes listening to the other opinion, focusing on issues, not personalities, addressing remarks through the chair, not to a member directly and remaining polite.

Voting method used for motions:
First, a Voice Vote will be initiated with the chair saying ?All those in favor say ?Aye?,? then, ?all those opposed say, ?No?.?
If the vote is close, then a showing of hands vote will be made. Affirmative or negative votes will be made by one person representing commonly owned property and that one person raising his/her hand. If multiple lots are commonly owned, one person will hold up two, three or four fingers signifying the number of lots owned/votes. If, in the judgment of the chair, the vote needs to be verified, a counted vote will be made in the same fashion.