Maintenance Assessments

Maintenance Assessments are governed by the Cimarron Country Deed Restrictions.

2020 Assessment:   $133.34 per lot

Mail to   (note:  mailing address has changed)  :

2002 Timberloch Place #150A
The Woodlands , TX 77380 

Include name and account number with your payment.

You can pay online at Link.  The Association ID is CIMA, and the Management ID is 3111.  Your account number is on your statement.  eChecks are free, and credit cards are charged a fee.

Account number must be on your remittance to insure that it will be properly applied.

Annual maintenance fees are due upon receipt of invoice. 

A late fee of $35 will be assessed if payment is not postmarked by January 31, 2020.

Payments postmarked in February will considered late.

If the information on your invoice is not correct, please contact IMC at Email or 281-419-1653.

                               2016 Notice of Interest Charges on Overdue Maintenance Fees 

Members of the Cimarron County Property Owners Association (CCPOA),

The POA has over twelve thousand dollars ($12k) of unpaid maintenance fees.  This amount represents nearly 25% of our annual revenue of $50k.  And without charging interest, the POA is losing the value of those unpaid monies to inflation.    There is a half dozen or so property owners who have not paid their maintenance fees in several years.  The unpaid fees of this small group represent over $10k of the roughly $12k of unpaid fees.  The previous Board of Directors (BOD) placed liens on these properties, and the current BOD approves of these liens being in kept in place, but the value of these unpaid fees is still being lost to inflation.    According to the Deed Restrictions of the POA, “that unless the owner shall pay the assessment within thirty (30) days following the date for such payment specified in the statement, the same shall be deemed delinquent and will bear interest at the rate of ten (10%) percent per annum on the unpaid portion of the assessment until paid.”   (see paragraph 14, 

It is the intent of the BOD to protect the value of these unpaid fees and the BOD has determined to begin charging 10% per annum beginning July 1st of this year.  This letter was sent to give those who are late, time to pay their late fees before interest begins accruing next month.   Thank you for your cooperation,